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Angaksa Bali Sell Office Equipment Furniture

Angkasa Bali Distributor Office Equipment Office Furniture Bali Denpasar

Welcome to Angkasa Bali, Distributor Office Equipment and Office Furniture in Bali. We provide complete office equipment and office furniture. Completing all the needs of your office with quality good products from famous brands.

Angkasa Bali provides office desks, office chairs, sofas, safes, filling cabinets, desks, attendance machine, fire proof cabinets, partitions for office, etc. We provide the best for your comfort. We'll help you to get office supplies and office furniture are also with quality brands.

For detail information of our products, please contact us.

Angkasa Bali Division of  Office Equipmet & Office Furniture

Office Phone: 0361 8947611,

Fax: 0361 8947612,

Email: /

Address: Jln. Baja Taki II A 7, Gatsu Barat, 80117 Denpasar.

Web: &

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